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Lyft Unpaid Sick Leave case

On May 29, 2020, Outten & Golden LLP filed a Class Action Complaint in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia against Lyft, Inc. on behalf of a former Lyft driver.  The complaint alleges that Lyft violated the D.C. Accrued Safe and Sick Leave Act (“ASSLA”) by failing to provide its drivers in the District of Columbia with paid sick leave that complies with the local law.

The D.C. City Council first enacted the ASSLA over a decade ago, recognizing the importance of allowing workers to take the time needed to recover from an illness, or to care for a loved one recovering from an illness, without sacrificing their pay to do so.  The ASSLA provides most D.C. workers with three to seven days’ worth of paid leave after 90 days of employment.  In addition to providing leave for a medical illness or injury, the ASSLA also provides paid leave to obtain a medical diagnosis or preventative care or for victims of stalking, domestic violence, or sexual abuse.

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